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Experience ROLZO in Salzburg

Whether your next destination is Getreidegasse, Auerspergstraße,
Altstadt, or Salzburg Airport, ROLZO lets you hire the perfect
car for every moment — from sports cars and convertibles
to executives and SUVs. The choice is yours.

To hire a car in Salzburg, simply download the ROLZO app
and make a request with your personal concierge.

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Drive in Salzburg

Set against the coursing Salzach river and the soaring heights of the mountains towering in the distance, the abundance of art and culture give Salzburg an unmistakable air of baroque mystique. Immerse yourself in its charm with a luxury car.

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Be driven in Salzburg

Baroque beauty surrounds you the moment you set foot in Salzburg. The rich heritage apparent in every piece of the Austrian city, the artistry and culture imbued in it, and the gorgeous scenery beyond are all breathtaking. ROLZO's chauffeured cars let you experience them all.