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Experience ROLZO in Courchevel

Whether your next destination is Courchevel 1850, Courchevel 1650,
Geneva airport, Chambéry Airport, or Annecy Airport, ROLZO lets
you hire the perfect car for every moment — from executives
and SUVs to sports cars. The choice is yours.

To hire a car in Courchevel, simply download the ROLZO app
and make a request with your personal concierge.

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Drive in Courchevel

Resting in the heart of the French Alps, Courchevel holds a plethora of activities and sprawling vistas. In the crisp air of the mountain's slopes or by the refinement of its high-class accommodation, ROLZO lets you experience Courchevel to its fullest.

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Be driven in Courchevel

Whether you choose to exhilarate yourself with the activities that Courchevel presents, or immerse yourself in the refinement that it offers, ROLZO takes you from the airport to your resort in chauffeured comfort.