Explore Switzerland’s Lofty Passes

Frosted peaks that reach into the endless blue above. Valleys below them, carving great swathes of green into the Earth. Through and across them all are veins of grey and black, forming winding paths through the mountains. Switzerland's alpine drives are extraordinary to witness, lifting you above it all to survey the world below, or taking you deep below them to fully appreciate the majesty of these naturally-formed titans.

The Great St. Bernard’s Pass

True to its name, the Great St. Bernard's pass dominates the landscape at a staggering 2469 metres. From such majestic heights, the world below the towering mountain pass' heights can be surveyed in all its glory. Rugged stone slopes carpeted in green, the sun gleaming off of the serene lakes beyond, the lands on the horizon beyond - Great St. Bernard's Pass takes you to exhilarating new heights. The journey is just over 170 kilometres from Bern, while Geneva is only slightly kilometres further away from its dizzying heights.

Furka Pass

Winding stretches of grey punctuated by hairpin turns make Furka Pass a drive for the daring. Set against the backdrop of a formidable mountainside approximately 150 kilometres from Zurich, 1964's Goldfinger saw Bond tearing through the mountain pass in an exhilarating chase - an experience you can take part in yourself. Hire an Aston Martin to feel the thrilling drive.

St. Gotthard’s Pass

St Gotthard Pass' cobbled streets and hairpin turns provide a beautiful contrast to the mountain's tunnel, and an ideal setting for you to take a sports car. Just over 120 kilometres from Zurich, and around 180 away from Basel, the mountain's rugged face and green that stretches into the horizon act as the background to quaint cafes and local vendors are dotted along the ascent. They provide idyllic places to relax and take in the scenery around you.

Simplon Pass

Standing astride the Swiss-Italian border just over 130 miles south of Bern, Simplon Pass presents majestic vistas that tower above you, and deep valleys below. Built to accommodate the mountain's contours, the pass is a gentler, more relaxed drive, letting you immerse yourself in the artistry of the sprawling landscapes around you. Its more serene charm contrasts against the thrill of other passes, granting you a more enriching experience on Switzerland's mountain roads.

Gurnigel Pass

40 kilometres south of Bern is Gurnigel Pass. Its narrow roads are skirted by rolling greenery and wooded areas, while towering mountains dominate the horizon. Snaked through by smooth tarmac, the mountain pass' relatively low elevation gives you a closer view of the surrounding landscape. Its immersion presents a contrast to the tranquil solitude that other pass' lofty heights instil, making experiences there utterly unique.

Flüela Pass

Based just over 150 kilometres from Zurich is Flüela Pass. Flanked on either side by the visage of the mountain’s formidable terrain and stretches of placid water, sprinting through this alpine route’s winding swathes of road is an absolutely exhilarating experience. The roar of the engine as it bellows out into the still air around you, the adrenaline coursing through your veins on every hairpin turn and lofty stretch of road - it culminates in a truly magnificent drive.

Susten Pass

A serpentine ascent. Sweeping lengths of grey road, punctuated by sharp turns. The breathtaking vista stretching into the horizon below you. Susten Pass, just over 100 kilometres from Bern, delivers an unshakeable sense of excitement along every inch of it. Driving through this mountain pass is unquestionably exhilarating.

The views from atop the lofty mountainsides, the crispness of the air, the atmosphere being so far above the world invokes - it all culminates in an experience that is unequalled. ROLZO's fleet of luxury cars enrich your journeys across Switzerland's gorgeous alpine landscapes, whether you tear through Furka Pass in an Aston Martin, or cruise along Simplon pass from the comfort of a Bentley. An entire fleet awaits you.