Discover the UAE’s Endless Driving Possibilities

With glistening cities that stand as gems in the sprawling desert, seas of scorching sand that stretch for miles in every direction, formidable mountains that dominate the horizon, and gorgeous vistas below them, the United Arab Emirates presents you with endless possibilities. Whether you seek to immerse yourself in finely-crafted luxury or nature's ravishing beauty, it delivers nothing short of magnificence.

Jebel Hafeet

At over 1240 metres tall, the Emirates' highest peak offer two breathtaking sights. One is the landscape beneath you as you as you gaze out from the mountainside. Standing that high up, it's easy to get lost in admiring the view from atop Jebel Hafeet, in the auburn glow of the setting sun or the blazing heat of the day. The other? Miles upon miles of open road, carving its ascent onto the mountain's face. Whether you're tearing across it in a supercar or trekking over it with an offroader, Jebel Hafeet's reputation precedes it as one of the UAE's most prolific drives.


Liwa Oasis - often referred to as Rub’ Al Khali, or "the Empty Quarter" - sits 220 kilometres from Abu Dhabi. The desert holds a sight to inspire awe in any thrill-seeker. A wide continuous area of empty road, carving a path across the landscape, an open invitation to fill the air with the thundering roar of a supercar’s engine. It's hard to tell which is more blistering - the heat of the sand, or the speeds you'll be tearing across the tarmac with.

Corniche Road

Pristine blue waters meet the golden sands of the beach alongside Corniche Road, set against the majestic Abu Dhabi skyline. Towering buildings line the route, casting shadows onto the road below. It is a striking contrast of natural beauty and modern architecture, and an unmitigated pleasure to cruise through.


Smooth roads and towering heights make Fujairah an ideal drive for those seeking the scenic route. Just over 180 kilometres out from Dubai itself, Fujairah provides spectacular views of the land below as you journey along the road. In the front seat of a or behind the wheel of an SUV, the view from atop the mountainside alone provides a magnificent accompaniment to a thrilling journey.


Journeys alongside the crystalline waters of Khasab's fjords are simply stunning. The "Norway of the Middle East's" awe-inspiring vistas provide a stunning contrast between the sprawling landscape and sparkling waters, divided by the open road coursing between them. Surround yourself with the brilliance of nature, while sprinting across miles of winding tarmac.

Jebel Jais Mountain Road

Boasting more than 20 kilometres of open road, the Jebel Jais Mountain Road's snaking ascent provides an exhilarating experience for both sightseers and motoring enthusiasts. Carved into the UAE's tallest mountain - standing at a staggering 1900 metres high - the mountain road is dotted with viewing points for you to stop at and catch your breath. It's well worth taking the chance to - the experience of surveying the world beneath you from such a height is astonishing.

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah's long stretches of road make for an excellent jaunt outside of Dubai for the daring motorist. The destination itself is packed with luxury for when you're finished sprinting across the paths cutting through the landscape, from the Khatts Springs to its prestigious array of five-star hotels.

With glamorous modernity, sublime beauty, and stunning magnificence, the UAE's wealth of driving experiences are absolutely indelible. Cruise through the city in the comfort of an executive, tear through desert routes in an SUV, or sprint down mountain paths in a sports car with ROLZO's luxury fleet. Take your journeys to the next level.