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Experience ROLZO in Zurich

Whether your next destination is Bahnhofstrasse, Kurhausstraße,
Aurorastrasse, Susenbergstrasse, or Zurich Airport, ROLZO lets
you hire the perfect car for every moment — from sports cars
and convertibles to executives and SUVs. The choice is yours.

To hire a car in Zurich, simply download the ROLZO app
and make a request with your personal concierge.

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Drive in Zurich

Bustling and vibrant, Zürich is a metropolis that is bursting with life. Twenty-first century modernity blends flawlessly with the Swiss city's heritage, lending it inimitable character. Take to its streets and see what it has to offer in a luxury car.

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Be driven in Zurich

A seamless integration of Swiss heritage and refreshing modernity, Zürich offers a rich and varied array of experiences. On its winding lanes or brightly-lit streets, the city's contemporary charm is undeniable. Take it all in from the comfort of a chauffeured luxury car.