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Experience ROLZO in Munich

Whether your next destination is Maximillianstrasse, Altstadt,
Munich International Airport, or Munich Oberpfaffenhofen airport,
ROLZO lets you hire the perfect car for every moment — from sports
cars and convertibles to executives and SUVs. The choice is yours.

To hire a car in Munich, simply download the ROLZO app
and make a request with your personal concierge.

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Drive in Munich

A seamless blend of rich history and striking modernity, Munich is as lively as it is cultured. With truly unique art and experiences around every corner, the world-renowned German city's inimitable charm is accentuated when behind the wheel of ROLZO's luxury cars.

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Be driven in Munich

Whether it is the vibrant history shown in every aspect of the city, or its distinctive art and technology, an undeniable sense of character is present in every part of Munich. In ROLZO's chauffeured luxury cars, you can experience it on your own terms.